Marketing Must Be Results-Driven

Agencies in Minneapolis need to know their stuff and must be serious about getting clients the results they desire.

We believe that some of the BEST marketers are analytical and strategic. Meaning they analyze many factors that influence a market or campaign and leverage those insights to deliver value to their clients.

We also believe in being measurement geeks. Other agencies in Minneapolis can’t say they’ve “succeeded” with a campaign if they don’t measure their results!

Word of advice, take the science of marketing seriously and focus on delivering the results that clients need. Which means being able to confidently calculate the ROI of a marketing campaign.

Working With An Agency Should Be Fun

Marketers should be serious about their craft but also easy-going and relational. These characteristics are important to clients (and your coworkers, too).

While marketing is scientific, on the other hand, it is also a creative endeavor. While analytical marketers are concerned with delivering and measuring value, creative marketers obsess over creating value.

Marketers must live to bring an idea to life for clients and help them enjoy every step of the design process.

Marketers must love to create things for people and believe that all parties should have an enjoyable time in the process.

This is what will make an agency different from other agencies in Minneapolis. Their love and passion for the field of marketing.

There Are Two Sides To Marketing

There is outbound or traditional marketing and then there is inbound marketing.

Outbound is where your business has a message and it uses channels to “push” that message onto consumers (think billboards, TV ads, radio spots, etc.). It’s generally considered “disruptive” marketing because it interrupts a consumer’s daily routine. Not good all the time.

Inbound is where your business creates a hub of useful content or resources and “pulls” consumers to that content at their own time and pace (think SEO or social media). This type of strategy is often referred to as a “pull” strategy or, as we stated, inbound marketing. Most businesses, especially small businesses, use an inbound marketing approach.

Outbound and inbound marketing can cause surges in awareness, interest, leads, and sales when used in tandem. And typically, that’s what most businesses do.

However, we would love to see an agency in Minneapolis arise that is exceptionally skilled in both forms of marketing (hey, maybe that’ll be us).

It’s only when analytical and creative marketers come together and utilize inbound and outbound tactics that clients can see the greatest return on their marketing spend.

How You Reach People

How People Reach You

Don’t Be Just Another Advertising Agency

Clients need agencies that are a combination of the above characteristics — analytical and creative, and that utilize both inbound and outbound tactics. Luckily, we can say that WE embody those attributes and use those tactics.

But do other agencies?

Marketers must care deeply about measuring the success of a client’s campaign and delivering results, but they also must care about bringing a client’s creative idea to life and connecting with the client’s audience on an emotional level.

Analytical. Creative. Reaching people. And drawing people in.

These are things that marketing agencies in Minneapolis should be striving for.

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