Our Agency Rates

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Monthly Inbound Marketing Rates

Sick of wasting time and money going back-and-forth with agencies on costs? Then work with us. We provide flat-rate services, whether it’s a stand alone project or monthly marketing package. We do this by assigning a set point value to each of our services.

1 Point = $120

This eliminates the need for billable hours, which means you won’t be billed an overage when a project takes longer than expected. Say goodbye to billable hours!

Wanna See How Simple This Is?

Select a range for your monthly budget and select what services you’re interested in. We’ll put together some suggested service plans to fit your request, and get in touch to discuss them with you.

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Here’s a Sample 1-month / 20-point Campaign

Need to see how this works? Here’s an example of what you could do with a 20 point campaign.


  1. SEO Competitive Research = 2 points
  2. SEO Keyword Research = 2 points
  3. Landing Page Creation = 4 points
  4. Google Ads (6-10 keywords) Paid Search Campaign = 6 points
  5. Email Campaign (1 email w/auto-responders) = 6 points

Total = $2,400

20-points x $120/point