Delivery Phase

With the final design approved, you now begin what is perhaps the most crucial phase of the entire process, the Delivery Phase. If you have done a decent job throughout the project leading up to this final phase, then you have created the foundation for a rewarding on-going relationship. If you feel potential in the relationship, pursue future opportunities. The steps to our Delivery Phase are to:


  1. Release
  2. Go Beyond
  3. Ask

We always make it clear that payment is due before anything is released or goes live, but once payment is received, we hand over the keys. If we’re talking about a logo, that means giving the client a working .ai file along with their spec sheet and all the jpgs and pngs. You might be thinking. The essential point is, don’t hold the work hostage. If you’ve done decent work and shown your competency and value, the client will come back to you for more work. But there’s no bigger turn-off than paying a large chunk of money only to realize that you don’t actually have full control over what you paid for.

Go Beyond

This is a wonderful opportunity to add value to the relationship. At this point, you should’ve already been paid in full for the work you’ve done but take the time to not only implement the solution that you’ve created but to review it with you client. Schedule a final consult and make sure that they are completely satisfied with the work and have everything they need to use it. We also like to send a little thank you gift a week or two after completing a project.


Try to get to know your client’s likes and hobbies as you work with them, and then send them a gift card to a restaurant or coffee shop that they like. You can never go wrong with a Starbucks card, but try to get personal.
Lastly, set up a Check-in appointment. If you’ve launched a marketing campaign, then set up an appointment at the end of that campaign. If you launched a website, and your client didn’t want ongoing management at the time, then schedule time 2-3 months down the line to see how things are going.

Whether it’s for feedback or about continuing the working relationship, don’t be afraid to ask. During the Delivery Phase, we are asking our clients if they would be willing to give us an honest Facebook and Google review and to complete a brief satisfaction survey. At this point, we also ask if they are willing to fill out a Satisfaction Survey and if the project has great potential for our portfolio, a Case Study form. We keep both brief.


Automate this process with MailChimp to save yourself some time and create a smooth experience for your clients that moves at their pace. Be sure to make your emails feel as personal as possible though.
Before concluding a project, ask about future projects or your client’s interest in ongoing service. The worst thing that could happen is that they say no. If you expect your clients to ask for everything, you may miss some great opportunities to continue to work with someone who was interested but wasn’t sure how to ask.


A detailed process for taking a client from signing to delivery, with outlined steps for developing and communicating about the project specifics in between, will increase your productivity and the value you bring to your clients. Your creativity won’t suffer from a solid plan and structure, in fact, you will find more freedom and space to create because you’re spending less time on corralling and managing a project.

So, define your process and audit yourself constantly. Like everything else in life, we never “arrive.” There is always potential to grow, to better ourselves and our businesses.

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