The Development Phase

With a concept or prototype approved, we move into the Development Phase. If you’re building a website or planning an advertising campaign, this will be a rigorous phase of the project. If you’re designing a logo, this phase is simpler and blends together with the Concepting Phase, but the steps taken will be

  1. Build
  2. Present
  3. Refine

As with the previous Phase, you’ll likely cycle through the steps in this phase.


If you presented a website prototype, ad campaign concept or logo concept that was approved, then you’re now tasked with building that website. Back to the logo example, when I present those two fully fleshed out concepts to a client, the goal is that one of them grabs their attention and that they’ll want to proceed with making adjustments or refinements to that concept to finalize the design.


After you’ve completed the initial build of that website, fleshed out the details and channels of the ad campaign or made the requested adjustments to that logo concept, it’s time to present and test the work. Depending on the project, this may be as simple as getting the client’s direct feedback, or it may require validation through surveys and focus groups.


A Key element to this step (and your process as a whole) is keeping all the feedback, documents and data that accumulates over the lifespan of a project. We’ve found (shameless plug) to be an invaluable tool for project management and communication, especially in organizing and tracking the many details of a project.

Concluding Thought

After you have developed the design product with the approval of the client, the final step in the Designer’s Process is to deliver the product and all of its rights to the client. You’re almost done with your design project!

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