Not seeing an immediate return on the methods used in your digital marketing strategy can leave you frustrated and confused.

This is when it’s easy to lose focus on your marketing plan in the sea platforms used by marketers. Digital marketing tools like Google Ads can be tremendously effective when used properly. However, they are not what will determine your digital approach’s success.

Every good digital marketing strategy is built upon three core elements: Branding, Content, and SEO. No amount of paid ads will ever fully supplement the strength that can be derived from getting these core elements right. For this article, we will focus on branding and content creation since we already covered SEO in our “What Is SEO?” article.

So, if you’re frustrated with the performance of your digital marketing strategy, maybe it’s time take a closer look at the foundation.

Cody Warren

Cody Warren

Cody Warren is a senior at North Central University where he studies entrepreneurship. He is passionate about the great outdoors, digital marketing, and entrepreneurial adventures. Reach out to him via email or on social media.

Branding: the foundation of authentic digital marketing

Branding speaks to the core of who a company is, making it central to your digital marketing strategy. It is the tangible and personal side of the business your consumers get to know. Every experience an individual has with your company plays into how they feel about you, building upon your brand image.

Branding becomes increasingly important when you consider why people choose to buy. Generally, people buy from someone they like, trust, and think can get the job done – in that order. Unfortunately, this means you can be the best in the world at providing a service but if people don’t like or trust your brand you’ll miss out on a sale.

Consistently letting your values bleed through into your marketing strategy speaks authenticity to your consumers. When users identify with your company’s mission and values, it builds a connection between them and your brand. This directly influences how much they like and trust your business.

Ultimately, branding provides the grounds for a sustainable digital marketing campaign. Branding fueled by authenticity will win your customers over time and time again. If you want more info on the topic, we’ve outlined some useful branding tips in our article on SEO and branding.

Sticky Content: The hook for your marketing strategy

The primary way consumers interact with brands today is through the digital content they produce. From your posts on social media to the newsletter emails you send out – it all communicates who you are. Creating content that answers a specific question will provide value to your consumers, inherently associating that value with your brand.

The trick is being equally authentic and engaging in the content you write. People are not going to interact further with your company if the content presented to them is not engaging. This is where creating “sticky” content becomes key. Sticky content is marketing material that has been engineered to be as engaging as possible to its target audience.

There are a lot of factors that play into making sticky content. Some will change or be more important depending on who your audience is. However, three very important factors that make content engaging are as follows:

  • Simplicity: You want your topic to be uncomplicated yet have an impactful message.
  • Credibility: Provide enough evidence with expert sources to build a compelling case.
  • Story Formatted: Be personable and don’t be afraid to engage emotions when appropriate.

For a thorough breakdown of how to write sticky content, we recommend looking at this article.


Making these changes to your current digital marketing strategy may be a lot of work, but the benefits they reap are well worth it. Consistently outputting great content trains users to see your brand as valuable. This builds good rapport, drastically increasing the likelihood of a sale down the road.

One great article or Instagram post won’t make a big difference, but quality content over time will. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and it’s not too late to start the race. Slowly start building these tactics into your current digital marketing strategy, and over time you will begin to see the fruit of your work.

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