Don’t make your customer ask for directions.

Unfortunately, most businesses leave navigating the path to purchase up to their customers. This is a mistake you cannot afford to make. You will lose countless customers to other businesses that have properly directed traffic – cutting into your potential conversions.

It’s tragic when companies don’t take the proper steps to drive the traffic their business deserves. Simply having great content and a solid website will not suffice. You must strategically place content throughout the sales funnel that answers your user’s questions. This process is not inherently simple and is best achieved with the help of professionals like my friends at 8-bit Rex.

Cody Warren

Cody Warren

Cody Warren is a senior at North Central University where he studies entrepreneurship. He is passionate about the great outdoors, digital marketing, and entrepreneurial adventures. Reach out to him via email or on social media.

It’s all about the funnel.

Every consumer in the world is on a different journey towards their purchase. Some know exactly what they want, and are ready to buy now. Others don’t even know what problem they have but are researching it. These are two of the five levels in the sales funnel, which are as follows:

  1. Awareness: People have a problem, and are looking for someone who has a solution.
  2. Interest: People are finding brands that can help solve their problems.
  3. Evaluation: This is the deciding point between your brand and your competitors.
  4. Engagement: Users are engaging with your brand, you’re their subject matter expert.
  5. Purchase: When the user concludes that they need to purchase your product/service.

All of your potential customers are progressively working their way through these phases. You can channel their traffic by creating a web of content spanning each level of the funnel. The trick is to cater your content to the consumer’s unique needs in each phase. Check out this article for a phase-by-phase breakdown of the sales funnel.

The secret ingredient to great content marketing.

As I stated before, you need more than good content to adequately capture consumer interest. Providing information to users who have a problem you’re positioned to fix is a quick hack to establishing yourself as a subject matter expert in their eyes. Once your content is geared towards practically meeting your consumer’s needs, make it easily accessible to them.

Take time to figure out what people are searching in each level of the sales funnel – those are the needs you should be addressing in your content. Optimizing your content for the keywords users are searching will put you on their roadmap. This process is called search engine optimization (SEO). It’s a little complicated, but 8-bit has done an excellent job of breaking it down for you guys in their article titled “What Is SEO?”

Simply put…

If the content you create both answers the users question and is optimized for them to find it, they will begin to trust your brand and come to it for help in the future. It may seem counterintuitive to answer your user’s questions without monetizing it, but this process directly correlates to sales. Sure there are a lot of DIYers out there who are going to try and do it all on their own. But when they need help, they’ll go back to the professional who has already proved their value – you.

Creating effective content and optimizing it properly is often a job in and of itself. Furthermore, once you have the content in place, the consumers will need time to engage and build trust with your brand. This is by no means a get-rich-quick marketing strategy. Rather, it is a holistic approach to authentic content marketing that will give your brand authority with both Google and your users.

If you are looking for more valuable, totally free marketing content, check out 8-bit’s articles page.

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