Nothing is more motivating than pain.

And if you’re a marketer – it’s painful to see another company come up above you on a search for your own brand name. Especially if you invested some time into your business’ SEO branding.

Often this happens to companies with a common name – but recently I’ve had a bunch of companies come to us with relatively obscure-sounding names… but another company also existed somewhere with that name.

It’s terrible for your company when people can’t even find you quickly Googling your own name. This is one reason amongst others, why you badly need an SEO team like my company Hook Agency or 8-bit Rex.

Tim Brown

Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency, and strategic marketer focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businesses and construction companies.

Easy does it – make sure the basics are taken care of

SEO branding is extremely important for your business because you not only want your logo to be iconic, your colors to be memorable, and your brand story to resonate emotionally – you also want to be extremely easy to find.

Mini Case Study One: Omcare

One was a medical device… With a few flips of the wrist, we were able to get their site to #1 for their name above the company in China with the same name. This one was easy because:

  • The web designer who made their site – forgot to flip the switch on the backend of the WordPress site, and it was set to no-index. Oh my. What a waste – the company had been around for months pitching to investors who – when they Googled their name, were only greeted with an unrelated Chinese company. So, we flipped the switch and it rose quickly.
  • We got some links back to the site quickly with some guest posting, local directory listings, and writing a press release and distributing to 300+ sites.
  • In no time, we had shot to the top of Google for the brand, and the painful and embarrassing problem was resolved.

The takeaway:  If you have a small-time competitor and there aren’t 10 companies with the same name as you – a little bit of SEO branding will go a long way.

The next steps: Do local directory listings, optimize your title tag with your brand name first, make sure there isn’t a ‘no-index’ tag on your site, submit your sitemap to Google Search Console, write and distribute a press release.

Seo branding example 1

A bit more serious competition – time for the big guns

When it comes to SEO & Branding – sometimes you’re outmatched by a real heavy-hitter that has done SEO on their brand, or just has so much natural P.R. that they won’t be as easy as our first case study to outrank for your name.

Mini Case Study Two: Magid

A new client of ours, a research company, is competing in search with another company with the same name… Magid Gloves.

Seo branding example 2
  • Although they own the domain, the other Magid has a ridiculous amount of high-powered links to their site including and (looks like they had an SEO professional building links, perhaps we’re up against our own kind!) … and links to your site are everything in Search Engine Optimization. So, what are we to do? Link harder… Seriously. It’s time to get more links, from higher caliber websites than the other guys.
  • Branded links back to the site should make up 70-75% of your natural link profile to the homepage.
  • If your company has the budget – serious PR should accelerate the effects of good SEO significantly.
  • Sponsor events
  • Write for other websites in a systematic and regular fashion.
  • Have a serious, keyword-driven content calendar, where you go out of your way to write about things ideal clients will be looking for.
  • Mention the brand numerous times on the homepage, create content around the brand that explains the history, the history of the name – and that starts to own the term even more on the homepage and supporting about pages.
  • Alternative: I’m not going to say rebrand… but it is possible you may want to add a modifier. For instance, Magid could refer to themselves as Magid Research to clear up any confusion.

The takeaway: Sometimes the issue with someone ranking above you for your brand name, is going to take months (or even years) of sustained effort. SEO is hard – and building a brand that people know, like, and trust is even harder.

The next steps: Hunker down for the long haul – hire an SEO company, and get ready to do P.R., link-building, and heavy-duty content marketing regularly and often.

SEO is massive for your brand in the long-term whether or not you’re outranked for a similarly named competitor

Branding is about creating emotional resonance.

Having an amazing brand connects people to you – it allows them to feel like they own you a little bit.

A good brand – is like hearing a band at a small festival, before they got their first radio hit.

Instead of music – we’re appealing to our ideal customers through content and in many cases with SEO. In the best-case scenario with SEO (and content marketing in particular) we’re making ourselves useful to them around the time that they are about to start a search for someone like us. We can write content that attracts them to us and that helps them in some small but significant way.

That’s part of what your brand then becomes known for. Educational. Helpful. Useful.

And aren’t those great things to be associated with?

Don’t wait for your competition to take their marketing more seriously than you do. Get started with your SEO or Branding project today by requesting a free proposal.

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