For the last couple of weeks, we have been focusing a lot on social media and what it looks like to use social media platforms as marketing tools to grow brand awareness and in-turn increase revenue. If you haven’t read either of those last two articles be sure to check them out on the website here.

This article will be focusing on what it looks like to establish, build, and maintain branding on social media.

There must be a fluidity to the things that you’re posting, saying, and sharing on social media. If there isn’t fluidity and consistency with your brand, then it’s unlikely that you will be as effective on social media as you could otherwise be when these practices are in place.


What is a brand?

It’s important to know what branding is, right? Of course, it is. But it’s not just important to know what it is, it’s essential to know how it works and how it creates a face for your company.

Our very own Tyler Wayne Hanna had this great quote in his article:

“A brand is the personality of a company. It is the thoughts and feelings that are left with someone after they have had an interaction with an organization. It is a business’ imprint on the heart of a person”.

When someone looks at your company, the things it’s producing, saying, posting, creating, they need to get the feelings that you’re trying to portray and see the same face. There needs to be accuracy and consistency in how you make people feel.

There are many ways that you can produce this feeling but some of the best ways come in the simplest forms that are often overlooked. I’m going to give some examples of companies that do these things well.


1. Create a key phrase that represents what your company is all about

Over on Building a StoryBrand, they have a key phrase that is very recognized within their content and their name. That key phrase is story. It’s a concept that they’ve developed and something that they continue to come back to because they feel that this is their niche – and their audience agrees. This is also where they focus their marketing.

Another company that I continue to think of as I write this article is theIVYbrand. theIVYbrand is a longboard and lifestyle company located in Minneapolis, MN. Their big tagline and key phrase, community, are not only evident throughout their marketing but also in the things that they do as a company. From the way they treat customers like family to the trips that they plan and adventures they go on. If you’re looking for a sick longboard or some great community, check them out.


2. Have a specific style for your website, photos, videos, and graphics

There are a lot of brands that do styling well. One of our favorite examples is Neil Patel. Patel is an SEO and market strategist that has built an incredibly successful marketing agency. He specifically focuses on SEO and blogging but today we are looking at his website and branding as an example of how uniformity and an overall great feel can play into branding. From colors to fonts, all his web pages, YouTube videos, and digital content have the same feel and are a great example of what we mean when we’re talking about having a specific and uniform style.


3. Build content pillars and establish what your niche market is

When you’re writing a lot and producing a lot of content it’s very important to build some pillars of content or to specialize in something specific. example of this would be writing about digital marketing as a main pillar and then from there, you can break it down into things like social media, SEO, Google Ads, and things of that nature. Matthew Barby is crazy good at this sort of thing and has done some amazing things in this realm. He has had some huge clients but also has developed a reputation for being a resource to the marketing world. He knows his stuff – check his blog out for a couple great examples of content pillar pages.


What does this mean for social media branding?

We’ve gone as far as describing what branding is and what it takes to build a good brand but how does this apply to social media and social media branding as a whole? My favorite platform is Instagram and it just happens to be one of the largest and fastest growing platforms right now (maybe that’s why it’s my favorite).

If you open Instagram on your phone you have two options. The first is to slide right and post a cool story or press the plus sign at the bottom of the screen and dream up something that’s worth more than just a story that is only available for 24 hours. It’s especially important that between these two different features a brand identity is being maintained.

This principle applies to any and all social media platforms that your brand is on. Again, consistency and fluidity and key to maintaining a compelling brand on social media.


What’s the key phrase for your brand and are you displaying that in your bio, content, and captions?

Maybe you haven’t thought through this in the busyness of building up your company and creating your products, customer journey, or getting a good work space. No matter where you’re at in this process of building your business, creating and understanding a key phrase is super beneficial. Placing your key phrase in your social media bios, content, and captions is even more beneficial from a social media branding standpoint.


What’s the style that you’re going for?

This could be pictures with a lighter more colorful theme, graphics that look very animated or are more informative, or simply textual at their root. All three of these things can apply to almost any business. My recommendation is that they would be uniform in color, content, font, and overall feel. Choose what fits your company and your audience and roll with it.


Do you have content pillars or an understanding of who your market is?

Creating content pillars can be a more tedious process if you have written or produced a good amount of content without first building the pillars. But if you’re just getting started consistently writing blog posts or posting on social media it is a great time to build some content pillars and to start defining who your target market is (they’re also great for generating organic traffic through SEO). Check here to learn more on creating content pillars.



I hope that this article has helped bring some clarity to what it means to create a brand identity for your social media platforms. If you’re ever in need of consulting or help managing, creating, or developing your brand’s identity on or off social media, 8-bit Rex is here to help you do that.

Cole Anderson

Cole Anderson

Cole Anderson is a student at North Central University where he studies music. As a music major, he is obviously very interested and talented in playing guitar and other forms of music. When he’s not studying, writing, or playing guitar, you can typically find him hanging out with his girlfriend Jessica or being a good person and helping someone in need (cause he’s just like that).

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