Your cell phone buzzes and there’s a push notification from an app. You go to your computer and there are 37 new emails in your inbox. You drive down the highway and see a billboard advertisement for Levi Jeans and you hear a radio ad for Coca-Cola.

No doubt there are tons of ways for brands to reach consumers nowadays. Sometimes, it’s even overwhelming the number of channels that advertisers can use.

Between all the channels, however, there are some that provide a better ROI than others. And we want to share them with you.

Here is our list of top 5 digital marketing channels.

Digital Marketing Channel #1 – Direct

This channel seems obvious, but it is often overlooked. Sending people directly to your website is always a good idea especially if you have some lead magnets on your site coupled with drip campaigns.

Some of the places that you can put your web address are on your business card, in your email signature, on any print materials that you have, or on your product/packaging. Get creative with it!

This becomes an even bigger channel when you have an established brand. Think about Amazon, for example.

The point is, you’ll want to build your brand to the point that Direct becomes a significant marketing channel for your business.

Digital Marketing Channel #2 – Organic Search

Personally, this is one of the channels that we like to leverage the most. Simply because everyone uses Google!

If someone is looking for information, the first place that they typically look for it is in the Google search results. This is a great opportunity for a brand to insert itself into that consumer’s journey and position itself as a thought-leader on that topic.

And yes, this means that you will have to do some SEO. Not sure where to start with SEO? Give our blog “What Is SEO?” a read-through or use our free SEO Audit Tool to locate some starting points.

Organic search is a channel that you want to invest in if you want prospects and leads to come to you. It’s powerful.

Digital Marketing Channel #3 – Paid Search

Paid search – the cousin of organic search. Oftentimes coupled with SEO, paid search can produce quite a bit of traffic if your targeting, creative, and copy are all aligned.

The beauty about paid search is that it always generates traffic.

The downside is that the traffic could be useless if your targeting or ad is off.

You might be attracting the wrong people for the wrong reasons.

However, paid search is indeed powerful and a recommended channel to leverage during any campaign or if you have an ample monthly marketing budget.

Don’t neglect paid search and don’t neglect good ‘ole fashion research when it comes to paid search either.

Digital Marketing Channel #4 – Referrals

The fourth channel that we dub useful is referrals from other websites.

This channel is doubly powerful as it not only generates traffic from other websites, but it also boosts your domain authority and trust score with Google (because of the backlinks acquired through referrals).

If you don’t have a lot of budget to spend (or none), then we would recommend investing a bit of your time in building an online referral network.

You can do this by responding to press inquiries or guest posting on other websites.

Focus on this channel will not only drive more traffic to your website, but it will also boost your SEO ranking, which in turn will boost your traffic some more.

Digital Marketing Channel #5 – Social Media

In some way, we believe that social media was created for brands to drive traffic to their websites. Social media is such a simple way to let people know your brand is out there!

Not only is it an effective marketing channel for building brand awareness and generating traffic, but it’s also free.

If you’re in any type of business, we recommend setting up a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account at the bare minimum.

That way, you’ll have some free channels with which to engage your target audience on. Everyone is one at least one of these social platforms.

Social media is also an effective advertising channel if you’re looking to go down that road. The targeting options and affordability make it an advertiser’s top choice most of the time.


So, there you have it! Those are the top 5 digital marketing channels that we would recommend you invest in.

Every business should have a website.

Every business should invest in SEO.

Every business should conduct PPC advertising.

Every business should build a referral network.

And every business should utilize the power of social media.

Are there any digital marketing channels that have proved wildly successful for you that we didn’t cover?

Hit us up on social media. It’s one of our favorite digital marketing channels and we will respond!

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