Web design is an ever-changing medium

Technology is always evolving, and the top designers want to utilize these advancements to put their creativity on display. Our computers, not to mention phones, are more powerful than ever, which creates design possibilities that creatives in the 90s could only see in their dreams. Each new year brings with it new potential, and 2018 was no different. Check out some of the best web design trends in 2018.

Mobile usage isn’t stopping

2016 was the first year that mobile internet usage surpassed desktop internet usage, and it seems unlikely that desktops will ever reclaim the title. Of all the web design trends in 2018, the prevalence and potential of mobile use is probably the most significant. Consumer expectations for mobile sites have only continued to grow, and web designers have worked to match these expectations. Hamburger buttons are particularly prominent. These buttons have helped solve designers’ problem of providing an efficient and helpful menu for a small screen. Hamburger buttons minimize the menu by providing a small icon that opens your menu when clicked. It creates a clean, clutter-free look but still provides the navigation necessary.

Chatbots have people talking

Website owners often discover that visitors to their site tend to have the same or similar questions. Consumers all want information, but it’s not always desirable for website owners to include each and every piece of information on their site. This struggle has allowed chatbots to become one of the top web design trends in 2018. Bots allow consumers to type their question right away without scouring the site for information, and a chatbot can help prevent the need for a live representative on hand at all times. You can program a chatbot to answer reoccurring questions, and the bot can direct visitors to a live rep or certain page if the bot doesn’t have the necessary information.

Microinteractions are a big deal

The term may be unfamiliar to you, but it’s one of the leading web design trends in 2018 and you’ve actually probably experienced it yourself. Microinteractions are animations that respond to what a user does on a page. For example: have you ever been on a website where scrolling down triggers an animation? Or a site that changes when you move your mouse to a specific spot? Those are microinteractions, and they’re helping create a more immersive user experience and provide immediate feedback to site owners.

Custom artwork is a beautiful thing

There’s nothing wrong with stock photos, but they don’t do much to help your website stand out. Custom artwork can add personality and catch the eye of your visitors. You can determine the look, feel, and color scheme in a way that stock images don’t allow, giving you more freedom for your design and more appeal to site visitors. Custom illustrations are a definite web design trend in 2018, and it seems that this development will only continue to grow.

Typography isn’t out of style

Okay, so maybe most people aren’t fascinated by fonts, but intentionality in typography is still one of the noteworthy web design trends in 2018. Outlined type has gained prominence, and serifs have seen a continued resurgence that shows no sign of stopping. Vintage typefaces are also increasingly common, perhaps due to the nostalgia that seems to be very trendy right now.

It’s been a whirlwind year, but at least the web design trends in 2018 are inspiring. Keep an eye on our website to join us in seeing what creativity and efficiency will mark web design in 2019!

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